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Here are a couple tips to allow your cat to make the most of his Katt3. The Katt3 has been conceived with the help of the feline behaviourist The Cat Educator to take into account your cat’s needs.

  • Place your Katt3 to allow your cat to see as most territory as possible, thus several rooms at the same time and to watch the exits.
  • The window is source of a big entertainment for your cat. The location should allow it to see outside.
  • Choose the rooms that are occupied the most by the residents of the house.
  • If your cat often climbs on unwanted areas, a right way to dissuade him is to offer a higher alternative to this place, like your Katt3.
  • According on the season, the preferences of your cat can change. Your cat can appreciate your Katt3 placed near a source of heat in the winter, but this spot can become unpleasant in summer if a draft settles down in the opening of a window.
  • The height allows the cat to reassure itself by watching his environment to see coming danger and catch sight of a potential prey from far. The higher your Katt3 is, the more it will be appreciated by the majority of cats.
  • A layout not higher than the seat of a chair or an armchair could be less interesting for your cat.
  • Do not forget that your Katt3 replaces a tree. If your cat judges that the layout is not as solid as a tree, it could not want to occupy it.
  • Do not hesitate to get more kubes for your Katt3 to add height, solidify it and add to the sense of security of your cats and thus, reducing factors of stress.
  • IMPORTANT – As soon as your layout reaches or exceeds three kubes high, think about using the provided tie to fix the structure to a wall to prevent it from falling. Do not forget that, for cats, a single bad experience is enough to create an aversion towards an object or a place, which is difficult to reverse.
  • If your cat does not seem to appreciate your new layout, encourage him to explore it by placing cat treats on every floor or by playing with him. Do not forget that the lack of solidity can explain the fact that your cat stays away from your Katt3.
  • Beware, certain kittens could not want to climb so high at first. Never force a cat or a kitten to climb on the highest step. Encourage him with treats or by playing, but he has to make it of his own free will. By forcing him, you could cause an aversion to Katt3.
  • Sometimes, certain cats will prefer to have closed kubes, but still have two exits giving it the option to get out.
  • A majority of cats will prefer to see the scratching pad placed on the upper part of the second kube.
  • For your cat, every addition in height is the equivalent of adding a floor to your house. More floors mean more space, thus less possibility of conflict.
  • Favour the designs allowing him to climb on the upper kube in several ways. Do not hesitate to add more kubes or juxtapose to a sofa, shelves or any other piece of furniture to reach the top. It will avoid conflicts if a cat decides to block the access on the next floor up to an other cat.

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