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Lonely Kube

You want to try a kube or add one to your Katt3?

The box contains a single kube to allow you to CUSTOMIZE your cat’s home so it can become a MULTIFUNCTIONAL palace.

Our suggestion: begin with the starting kit and add as many lonely kubes as you wish to create a unique trendy house for your kitty.

IT’S A SNAP TO ASSEMBLE; your cat won’t even have time to jump in the cardboard box!




How solid is a Kube

* Kids, do not try to recreate this at home ! *

This test was conducted by one of our professional a reckless designer. Not for a lack of trying, we did not find at cat big enough to challenge the kube‘s solidity. The kube has proven to hold over 290 pounds. Unless your cat is sumo weight, he should be fine ;).

Designed for cats only. Not intended for human use.