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How to assemble this cat tree? 

1. Add 4 wall panels to the base plate. Align the arrow on the wall panel with the base plate’s clip. You will hear a click! once it is correctly attached.

2. Insert the 4 plastic strips in each corner to secure them. Tip: Start by sliding the strip in the second notch of the wall panel junction. Doing so will facilitate the insertion.

3. Place the final plate on top to solidify and finish your kube.

4. Add 4 anti-skid pads on each corner of the kube for more stability. Tip: Keep in mind that an offset layout will require you to move the anti-skid pads so that the pads are in contact with both kubes when mounted.

5. Stack the kubes and fix them together using at least 2 pins (more pins can be necessary depending on the chosen layout).

6. If your layout has more kubes in height than on the floor, use the security strap to fix your katt3 to the wall for maximum stability.

Instruction manual