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You want to build outside the box and make your cat’s dreams come true?

What you can do with more kubes

Do you want to build a simple stylish home for your cat or an elaborated fortress of catitude?

Become the designer of your FURRY FRIEND’S WELLBEING. The Katt3 can be added on and customized to suit your cat’s needs at every stage of his life. It can also be upgraded according to the number of cats in your household and modified to reduce conflicts between them.

What sets the Katt3 apart from the other cat trees? The INFINITE LAYOUTS you can create with just a few more kubes! You now have the chance to build a house for your cat that fits your home, your decor, YOUR LIFESTYLE.

The must haves

The Katt3 also offers you many fun and specialist approved accessories such as scratchers, beds and toys. Whether your cat prefers feather or felt toys, soft pillows or firm beds, Katt3 has him covered!

Choose between a variety of colors and styles of awesome accessories. The must haves enable you to create a versatile and MULTIFUNCTIONAL house for your cat. Scratch, sleep, stretch, hide, play, spy, nothing is too good for the fancy kitty of the house !