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About us

Katt3, created by the BeOneBreed team !

Along side The Cat Educator, we designed a revolutionary cat tree that would exceed your cat’s desires as well as yours. You can customize your Katt3 to benefit your furry friend’s wellbeing and fit your lifestyle. Here’s how the Katt3 makes both your lives easier:

  1. Includes tips from feline behaviour professionals to place well and configure your Katt3.
  2. Configurable to adapt to the particular needs of your cat.
  3. Infinite configurations possible allowing to reduce conflicts between cats.
  4. Includes configurations that contribute to reducing the anxiety of your cats.
  5. Evolutionary according to the age, health and number of cats in your house.

Anthony Deraps is the founder of BeOneBreed. He started Comfy solution in 2011 (previous identity of BeOneBreed). Previously, Anthony climbed up the ladder and became the youngest North-American responsible of global suppliers at IKEA.

Our mission is to design and deliver solutions for comfort, fun and pet wellbeing. Keeping both parties in mind, our products are created for their wellbeing, designed for your lifestyle.

At BeOneBreed, every day we try to do things differently and this is reflected in our products. Our mindset is rooted in wellbeing, style and accessibility.

Our dream: Make our products accessible to the largest number of pet owners and benefit the wellbeing of their four-legged friends all over the world.