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Cat Educator & Katt3

In addition to writing blogs for us, the Cat Educator Daniel Filion, has also agreed to work with us to develop our new product: the Katt3. “I wanted to contribute to this project because there was not yet an affordable cat tree on the market that filled the cat’s needs without compromising the decor. I finally had the chance to help develop a solution for this situation. “


“I can not count the number of people who ask me every day how to have their cat stop going on the table or on the counter. What they do not realize is that, in the cat’s mind, the table seems like a fabulous cat tree”, says the feline behaviourist. Indeed, perched there, he can normally easily check the entrance to the kitchen, living room, corridor, etc. It is an outstanding monitoring station. That’s why cats love heights. As it is a territorial animal, access to the height allows the cat to monitor its territory and to maintain control, offering a higher alternative than the table. A cat tree becomes a supervisory position that helps reduce the cat’s anxiety in addition to providing him a safe place where he can rest for a more peaceful sleep without the fear of being caught by dogs or kids.


“The first two qualities of a cat tree must have are strength and height. Buying a small cat tree not higher than a chair or kitchen table is relatively useless because cats already have access to these heights. It is important to provide higher spots and that’s exactly what the Katt3 does at a very affordable price “, says the Cat Educator, collaborator for the show “Animo” at Radio-Canada.

“The aspect that thrills me the most about this product is the modular concept. It was also the biggest part of the challenge. The number of designs that can be done by adding one, two or three cubes to the starting kit is just amazing! I can’t even tell you the amount of time I spent having fun and making different layouts with only two kits. Even my cats seemed exasperated when I presented my 52nd design”, says M. Filion, laughing.

Many cat trees have only one way to get to the top. This may be a common source of altercations when a cat decides to stay on the middle floor of a cat tree to prevent an other cat from climbing or descending. The Cat Educator explains how the Katt3 has overcome this problem: “We can easily configure the Katt3 to allow more access to the top, whether by adding cubes or using furniture nearby. The provided tie used to secure and solidify the Katt3 is also very well thought out, because as we know, the cat tree is supposed to replace a stable tree. “

“Ultimately, we are all familiar with the cat’s passion for boxes, right? This obsession is explained by the fact that the cat is an ambush hunter who likes to see without being seen. The Katt3 is nothing less than a series of adjoining boxes with a much more attractive design than cardboard to which we have added strategically placed holes that allows him to see without being seen “, says M. Filion, smiling.

“The other aspect on which we worked a lot is the accessory collection. You will finally be able to buy a scratching post that meets the exact characteristics that a scratching post must have for a cat to use it: being very stable, sufficiently high and positioned close to the entrance of the territory or sleeping spots. There are very little scratching posts with these characteristics on the market. The Katt3 scratchers will fill this need at a fraction of the price “, says the Cat Educator with satisfaction.

“It is only the second time in 10 years of career that I agree to participate in the development of a product because for me to invest, it is necessary that this product helps cats. Too many products are made to please the owner. The Katt3 is one of the few that meets the needs of the owner all the while putting the cat’s wellbeing first”, says the specialist.

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